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Qingdao ABSOLEM Household products co,. LTD
Qingdao Absolem is a Chinese company with a long experience of finding, developing and delivering the best products from the Asian market to Europe. We work on the market were we are present and orders directly from hundreds of different factories. We have our own staff for purchasing and quality control. Last year we opened up an office in Sweden, for communication and product developing. By being close to both factories and customers we make sure that our clients gets better quality and price than most of our competitors can offer.
Absolem head office is located in Qingdao and today we work with hundreds of factories all over China.
2013 Absolem opened up an office in Stockholm, Sweden to be closer to our main clients, for communication and product development.
Absolem portfolio is now wide. We help our clients with most things the Chinese market can offer. Check out our product categories and samples
We have our own team travelling all over China to make sure the quality of the physical products we purchase fulfil our client demands.
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